Alfred Hicks Welsh
(photo courtesy of the Ohio State University Archives)

1850 - 1889
author of
Development of English Literature and Language
first published in 1882

Professor Welsh comments on the following important authors,
covering Style, Character, Rank, and Influence:

Alfred Caedmon Mandeville Shakespeare
Bacon, Lord Chaucer Milton Spenser
Bacon, Roger Hooker More Sydney
Bede Jonson Raleigh Wycliffe
Caedmon ? - 680 The Milton of our Forefathers - D'Israeli
Bede 673 - 735   (62) The Father of English learning - Burke
Alfred 849 - 901   (52) The most perfect character in history. He is a singular instance of a prince who has become a hero of romance, who, as such, has had countless imaginary exploits attributed to him, but to whose character romance has done no more than justice, and who appears in exactly the same light in history and in fable - Freeman
Roger Bacon 1214 - 1294   (80) Hail, Heralds, messengers of God and men! - Homer
Mandeville 1300 - 1371   (71) Now I an comen hom to reste
Wycliffe 1324 - 1384   (60) Honored of God to be the first Preacher of a general Reformation to all Europe - Milton
Chaucer 1328 - 1400   (72) Dan Chaucer, the first warbler, whose sweet breath
   Preluded those melodious bursts that fill
The spacious times of great Elizabeth
   With sounds that echo still. - Tennyson
More 1489 - 1535   (46) Like Cato firm, like Aristides just,
Like rigid Cincinnatus nobly poor, -
A dauntless soul erect, who smiled on death. - Thomson
Sydney 1554 - 1586   (32) Warbler of poetic prose. - Cowper
Hooker 1553 - 1600   (47) There is no learning that this man hath not searched into ... His books will get reverence from age. - Pope Clement
Raleigh 1552 - 1618   (66) A great but ill-regulated mind. - Hume
Spenser 1552 - 1599   (47) Who, like a copious river, pour'd his song
O'er all the mazes of enchanted ground. - Thomson
Shakespeare 1564 - 1616   (52) Mellifluous Shakespeare - Heywood
The thousand-souled. - Coleridge
His thoughts, passions, feelings, strains of fancy, all are of this day as they were of his own; and his genius may be contemporary with the mind of every generation for a thousand years to come. - Prof. Wilson
Jonson 1574 - 1637   (63) Then Jonson came, instructed from the school,
To please in method, and invent by rule;
His studious patience and laborious art
By regular approach essay'd the heart. - Samuel Johnson
Lord Bacon 1561 -  Who is there that upon hearing the name of Lord Bacon does not instantly recognize everything of genius the most profound, everything of literature the most extensive, everything of discovery the most penetrating, everything of observation of human life the most distinguishing and refined? - Burke
Milton 1608 - 1674   (66) Three poets in three distant ages born,
Greece, Italy, and England did adorn;
The first in loftiness of thought surpassed;
The next in majesty, in both the last:
The force of nature could no further go, -
To make a third, she joined the other two. - Dryden

I believe that Alfred Welsh, were he alive today, would recognize
Ellin Anderson
as a poet of the highest rank, whose work belongs to the ages

In Memoriam
a tribute to Professor Welsh
Rev. Wm. H. Scott, LL.D., President Ohio State University

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